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xQc Hates Hot Tub Twitch Streams

xQc doesn't like what indiefoxx and other hot tub streamers are doing on Twitch
xQc doesn't like what indiefoxx and other hot tub streamers are doing on Twitch. (Credit: indiefoxx)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel cannot keep himself out of the news for more than a couple of hours. He has again made headlines by going all out against the current hot tub streams meta that's going on over on Twitch.

French-Canadian streamer xQc has basically built a career on being controversial, so stuff like this should come as no surprise to anyone. He picked up the already controversial topic of hot tub streams and went all in on it on Twitter.

What Did xQc Say About Hot Tub Streams?

Nothing positive, as you've perhaps already deducted from the title of this article. In short, he says that the hot tub meta is trash and the worst thing to ever happen to Twitch.

The truth of this statement is debatable. There are a lot of people that agree hot tubs aren't exactly suited for Twitch and are just a loophole in the rule book. There are others who see nothing wrong with it and point at xQc's own path to streaming success, which is sprinkled with all types of scandals and questionable behavior on his part.

One of the most guilty parties when it comes to exploiting Twitch nudity regulations and using body as content - indiefoxx, chimed in as well:

What do you think of the hot tub meta? Is xQc right or do you side with the hot tub content creators? Should his own background discredit his opinion? So many questions!

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