xQc Encourages Fans to Harass Other Streamers | EarlyGame
Gets banned as a result

xQc Encourages Fans to Harass Other Streamers

xQc ban NoPixel GTA RP
xQc is immune to staying out of trouble. (Credit: xQc via Twitch)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel seems to always be involved in controversy. In episode 198274 of the "xQc drama" series his fans went after other streamers and harassed them because of a GTA RP episode. People really don't need much to do stupid stuff.

Twitch streamer xQc delivers heavy doses of controversy at regular intervals. This latest sequence involving the French-Canadian streamer was actually more on his fans than himself.

Why Did xQc & His Fans Get Mad?

GTA RP role-playing can get you up in your feelings real quick. It can definitely do that to xQc. He got big mad after receiving a jail sentence in-game that he deemed undeserved. He tried to argue his case with the virtual cops, to no avail.

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Why Did xQc Get Banned from NoPixel GTA RP?

Right after the sequence, some fans of the streamer took matters into their own hands and defended xQc by hopping onto other streamers' chat and harassing them. Some even went to other platforms, such as Instagram, to do further damage to their targets.

This behavior was shared in xQc's chat who, instead of saying something like "no, don't be douchebags" to his minions, actually encouraged the chat hoppers.

If xQc thought that would be the end of his NoPixel GTA RP woes, he was sorely mistaken. He got promptly kicked off the server shortly after because encouraging harassment is a shitty thing to do to your fellow streamers.

The Canadian is no stranger to NoPixel GTA RP bans, so he should be used to it by now, just as we are used to reporting on his antagonistic behavior and the inevitable repercussions.

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