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No, it's not because she is a woman...

All Just Fake? Why Pokimane Is so Unpopular

pokimane twitch streamer instagram
Yup! That's how I always eat fries, too. All natural. (Credit: @pokimanelol via Instagram)

Over the past year, two female streamers in particular have risen to the top of the scene, namely Valkyrae and Pokimane. But, while Valkyrae is gaining more and more fans and watch time, things are looking rather bad for Pokimane. This gets us wondering: why has Pokimane become so unpopular?

The first time I heard of Pokimane was in a PewDiePie video. Yes, really. It was about her dreaded copyright strikes, which she used to harass critics. So, not a good first impression. But I didn't want to be like that, and gave her another chance. At some point, though, I realized that many people will never like Pokimane. And I can see why.

pokimane youtube apology
Pokimane apologizes, but somehow no one buys it. (Credit: Pokimane)

Scandals and Apologies

At first glance, Pokimane seems like a nice, likeable woman, who enjoys gaming. However, many are no longer buying it. Last year, she made herself very unpopular when it came out that she bombarded other content creators with copyright strikes when she appeared in their videos. It seemed that she did this especially when she was being criticized... Let's see if she wants to strike this article too...

She even talked to one person on the phone just before, asking him "How does it feel to get a strike right away?” To explain, such strikes don't just take down videos, and thus the revenue stream... Too many strikes can also delete a channel completely!

It's pretty arrogant to pull off something like that, and think you're in the right, too... Pokimane apologized at some point, but to many, it sounded extremely fake. It just didn't seem like she had learned from it.

pokimane cute moments
Pokimane really rolls with her 'cute' persona. This makes us feel a tad like Homer... (Credit: Pokimane)

Lazy Content

The next problem is her content. As a gamer, it's not too bad, and certainly entertaining. The Among Us videos with Sykkuno, Valkyrae, or Corpse Husband are also watchable. But all too often, you tune in to her on Twitch and it just... happens...

Reaction YouTubers, in particular, get upset that she often just sits there and comments on videos without putting any effort into it. Sometimes she doesn't even really look, or she eats on air. Might as well watch grass grow... And it's doubly brazen that she criticizes other channels for doing it, when she does it herself! Double standard?

Exaggerated and Fake

For some reason, I have a very hard time imagining what Pokimane must be like in real life. Other streamers around her seem so approachable and likable. But with her, it's hard to really connect... It just seems fake!

People also like to say that people only watch her because of her looks, anyway. But that's not quite the case. ON the one hand, Poki always tries to look absolutely unproblematic, and cute. Especially the cute part thing can be really exhausting. Elsewhere, however, she tries to stand out with edgy humor, and starts drama with people who haven't done anything to her. In the end, she's often just embarrassing herself...

Pokimane is certainly not a bad person, but when it comes to her content, I've come to the conclusion: Nope, not for me!

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