Why Jackscepticeye Might Quit YouTube | EarlyGame
We really hope he won't, but it is possible!

Why Jacksepticeye Might Quit YouTube

Jacksepticeye YouTube Streamer quits
A cheerful Irish man with green hair. What's not to love? (Credit: @jacksepticeye via Instagram)

The Irish YouTuber and Streamer Jacksepticeye has a rough time behind him and chose to stop uploading videos for a while. Here's why we're afraid he might not come back for real.

Jacksepticeye's real name is actually Séan (confusing, I know) and he is one of the biggest Streamers on YouTube. He is very popular due to his jolly nature and wholesome personality. But lately, things got very rough for him.

Death in the Family

At the moment, Jacksepticeye is officially on a break. The reason is a very sad one because his father just passed away. We have sincere sympathy with him, and it's understandable that he can't continue uploading for a while. At least until he is starting to cope with it.

However, we fear that his break might become longer than expected.

His New Year's Video

In his video that Séan uploaded in December 31, he talks about quitting YouTube. Forever. His reasoning was mostly connected to health issues and feeling drained. Let's be real, 2020 was a horrible year for almost everyone. Who can blame him for having these thoughts?

However, it is concerning that Jacksepticeye chose to upload the video. As if he wanted to mentally prepare his fans for the possibility. At that point, he had no idea of the hardships that 2021 will bring.

2021 Might Be Worse

It would be naive to think that 2021 will be a better year than 2020. Covid is still everywhere around us and the restrictions won't end. The year already started horribly with the passing of his father and after such a hit, it is difficult to find your footing again. Jacksepticeye is also still struggling with health related issues.

On top of that, Séan has to deal with disrespectful people in his streams. He has to comment all the time on other creators like Corpse Husband because some fans just won't stop asking. Those streamers are his friends and Jacksepticeye will try to protect them til the end, but this costs a lot of nerves.

The Positive

To be absolutely clear on this, nobody here WANTS Jacksepticeye to quit. He is one of the original Gaming YouTubers and brings so much fun to the platform. Also, YouTube is his main source of income, and he managed to raise a lot of money for charity last year. Those are very good reasons to continue uploading. So let's be optimistic and hope for the best because we really don't want to lose a creator like him!

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