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He would have fit right in!

Drama? Why Sykkuno Really Left the OfflineTV House

sykkuno offlinetv
Sykkuno would have been a nice addition to OfflineTV. (Credit: @AriaSaki on Twitter)

The shy and wholesome streamers/YouTuber Sykkuno used to be in talks with OfflineTV to join their creator house. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. Find out why and how everybody is doing now!

You might know Sykkuno from his Among Us Streams with well-know personalities like Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, Pokimane, Jacksepticeye and more. And if you don't, you are probably sleeping on one of the biggest upcoming Influencers on YouTube!

But at least you know OfflineTV, right? You probably heard about their Rust server that sparked some controversy at the beginning of the year – mostly because of xQc... Apart from that, OfflineTV is a group of content creators that moved to Los Angeles together. Big names like Disguised Toast and Pokimane are part of OfflineTV as well.

Disguised Toast is doing pretty well these days. (Credit: Tenor)

Now, back to Sykkuno. He used to live in the OfflineTV house as well and was rumored to join them soon. However, that never happened. Was it because of drama behind the scenes?

Sad to disappoint here, but nope. Sykkuno is probably the nicest person on the whole internet right now. To have a fight with him would be like arguing with a puppy!

However, it seems like the talks about a possible contract with OfflineTV did not end in agreement. Sykkuno moved out of OfflineTVs house last year, but promised to stay in touch with them.

By the way, did you know that Sykkuno's real name is Thomas? This piece of info got leaked by another streamer named Jodi that accidentally called him by his real name. Awkward!

Sykkuno wasn't the only person rumored to join OfflineTV. His streamer colleague Valkyrae is also very close with the group, but did not join them either. At least so far.

Since his "fallout" with OfflineTV, Sykkuno kept his promise by frequently playing Among Us and other games with the members. Maybe it's not too late for him to join them after all?

At the moment, he is living in Los Angeles with his family. So at least he isn't alone during the pandemic!

What do you think, would Sykkuno fit into OfflineTV? Or should he keep doing his own thing? Let us know on our socials!


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