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Let's hope his match with Floyd lasts longer than six seconds

Who Is Logan Paul? The Vine Star That's Fighting Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul
Logan Paul is hours away from the fight of his life. (Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Logan Paul? Obviously, he's the dude that's going to fight Floyd Mayweather this weekend. How did he get to that point? That's what our influencer bio series is trying to explain. Here's the biography of Logan Paul.

In anticipation of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, we thought it's appropriate to shed more light on the young hound that's barking at the boxing legend. As always, we'll start from the beginning and will eventually catch up with current affairs.

Logan Paul Biography: The Early Years

Logan was born in 1995 in Ohio and spent the first 19 years of his life there. Shortly after enlisting at Ohio University, he took off West to capitalize on his sudden Vine success. Los Angeles fit the athletic youngster like a glove.

Vine feels like a flash in a pan when looking through 2021 lenses, but our story mandates a reminder of just how big it was in 2014-15. Logan Paul's Vine popularity was enough to boost his presence on each other social media and content creation platform he was on. Tens of millions of views on YouTube, same goes for his Facebook videos, and hundreds of thousands of followers all over.

Paul's presence expanded beyond the scope of self-made content and social media. He was in Hollywood after all, so he embraced the film star life as much as he could. Logan made an appearance on a couple of TV shows, most notably Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and starred in a YouTube Red movie called The Thinning. Not too bad!

That same year, Logan Paul debuted in music as well. His debut single was fittingly titled 2016. It was truly his year.

So far, so good. Enter controversies!

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Logan Paul Biography: The Suicide Forest Drama 

Logan Paul hasn't been too careful every step of the way. The term "insensibility" can often be attached to the Ohio-born. We'll go over a couple quick examples of that before we reach the big one.

During an episode of his own podcast Impaulsive, he suggested that "we're gonna attempt to go gay for just one month", which immediately caught scrutiny. Logan was given an internet crash course of how being gay is not a choice.

Another, much more shocking episode involved a CPR given to a fish and dead rats. Allow us to explain. LP tried to give his pet fish a CPR and tasered a couple of dead rats in a... joke? We don't get it either. Neither did YouTube, who took away Paul's ad revenue on the site for a couple of weeks. That led to the first ever Logan Paul Twitch stream.

By far the worst blunder Logan Paul's done in his content-creating career is the infamous Suicide Forest incident. During a vlog in Japan, Logan and his friends decided to hang out in a forest which is a very well known suicide site. It just so happened that the American group stumbled upon a body there and reacted as true "bros".

Though there was backlash from the US to Japan, no huge repercussions followed. Quite the opposite, this nasty episode prompted Logan Paul to hire Mike Majlak to help with PR. Majlak would become a close friend, associate and co-host of the Impaulsive podcast.

KSI Fights

There is a little bit of boxing history behind Logan Paul on an extremely amateur level. British YouTuber and rapper KSI called out Paul to a white-collar boxing match. Paul accepted, and the two fought on August 25, 2018. The final result - a majority draw, begged for a rematch.

That rematch came over a year later, and this time it was counted as a fully professional boxing match. While little brother Jake was beginning to pick up wins in the ring, Logan lost with a split decision. He hasn't fought again after that, but you know what follows now.

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather

There were enough speculations before the official announcement, but until it all came out of the horse's mouth, no one wanted to believe that the great champion Floyd Money Mayweather was going to degrade himself to a fight with a YouTuber who lost his only professional fight to another YouTuber.

Floyd's nickname is Money for a reason though, and he's not about to say no to a payday: on December 6, 2020, the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul boxing match was announced officially. The initial date of February 20, 2021, was postponed to June 6, and here we are.

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather
Few could believe this fight is actually going to happen. (Credit: Twitter)

Logan Paul BIography: What's Next?

Probably a knockout at the hands of Mayweather. The rules revealed just three days before the fight made a lot of folks angry: Turns out this won't be a traditional, professional boxing match, but one with unique rules. The most special snowflake rule is that there won't be a winner in the fight. However, knockouts are perfectly legal, which would create an interesting dynamic if someone does fall.

After the fight? Logan Paul was a Viner, then a TV actor, then a musician, then a vlogger, then a podcast host, then a boxer. We're sure he'll find something to do after securing the big bag from the Money match.

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