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Don't Break Your Back

What Makes a Good Gaming Chair? This is What to Look For...

good gaming chairs razer iskur
You don't want you to develop back problems, they can be a pain in... the back? (Credit: Razer / photo by EarlyGame)

We've all had those long gaming sessions where, after five or six hours, we stand up stiff and grumpy. Well, it's happened to all of us, sure, but what if we changed that reality? What if we told you you could stand up and feel brisk, revitalized, and healthy? Well, firstly, get rid of those chippies, and secondly, here's how to find the best gaming chair!

Ouch! Does your spine feel like fire? Mine certainly does. I have been using a horrible office chair for months now, and oof... now that's a pain in the ass. Well, it was until I discovered some hot tips for finding great gaming chairs. The thing with gaming chairs is for too long they have ignored this little word: ergonomics.

Optimizing Your Back-Support and Comfort

Gaming chairs often ignore your spine. They expect you to sit forward, intent on your game, hammering that keyboard. Alternatively, they expect you to lounge back, spine bent unnaturally, whilst you relax with your controller. Both of these options are really terrible for your back, especially if you are playing long sessions.

Razer has been working on some pretty cool new innovations in this department, though. These have really impressed me, and significantly reduced a lot of the pain that comes from these long sessions. Does Razer really make chairs, though? Well, thank you for asking. Yes, they certainly do.

You need a chair that fits the natural curve of your spine. That's where the Razer Iskur comes in. It might look a bit bulky, and the lumbar support might look like a weird medieval torture device, but trust us, this thing is insanely comfortable... and great for your back!

Take a look at this bad boy:

Lumbar support is the key. If your back is bent unnaturally, straight, or leaned forward, then you are going to develop some problems down this long and winding road we call life. What you need is something to push the center of your back a little bit forward, whilst allowing you the maneuverability you need.

Posture and back support come hand in hand, and that is why I saw such major improvement when I started using the Razer Iskur, as opposed to another desk chair, or a different gaming chair. In the infographic you see below, you can see the comparison between the posture you would expect from a normal gaming chair, as opposed to Razer's magnum opus!

razer iskur posture best chair
You can see here that the Razer Iskur pushes your central-back forward, allowing for the natural curve of your spine! (Credit: Razer)

When picking a gaming chair, you need to be very strict about it. When I was searching, I generally had three things I focused on. Yes, I am a nerd, that much is clear. Just hear me out. Those three things were:

  • Optimized line of sight with my screen: so that I didn't have to bend my neck to look up or down.
  • Positioned for Attack: I wanted to have my arms positioned correctly so that I could quickly and easily respond to in-game events.
  • Quality Back Support for Long Play Sessions: I play for long times, as I imagine you do too. I wanted to be comfortable and in a healthy position!

Now, trust me: I am dead serious. These were the three things that I was mainly looking for, and ultimately, why I found that the Razer Iskur was the ideal chair for me.

The Razer Iskur felt like an absolute luxury for me. Its innovative and supportive backrest is fully adjustable, as are most of its features. It cushioned me and supported my back during long play sessions, and even office-work. I was especially impressed with the armrests, which were fully adjustable and made of a soft cushion-material, which gave my wrists much-needed comfort. 

Oh, and... that style, man, that style. I am dying over this style. It's so sleek and beautiful, and that Razer logo in the headrest. Oh yeah! Check it out, and be impressed. That's an order!

razer iskur best chair
Just look at this beauty. I think I am in love... (Credit: Razer)

You can buy the Razer Iskur from the Razer Website in most countries and regions. For our US audience, check it out here. The Iskur is available at select retailers across the world as well. Seriously. You should check this chair out. It's awesome. Enjoy.


razer iskur gaming chair best
If you want to pick up the Razer Iskur, our absolute favorite gaming chair, click on this image to jump over to Razer's website! (Credit: Razer)

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