Wendler & Laura OnlyFans Leak - Is It Worth It?

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Who saw this coming? The Wendlers are on OnlyFans, and all eyes are on Laura.

If you're not from Germany, you might not know who the Wendlers are, and are wondering why Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are trending right now. We've got the answers your thirty ass was looking for: Is the Wendler's OnlyFans worth it?

Who Are the Wendlers? Who Is Laura Müller?

In Germany, people know Michael Wendler is one of those people you just kind of know: Music, reality TV, conspiracy theories, and any other way to stay relevant: That's Michael Wendler in a nutshell. In 2020, the 18-year-old Laura Müller joined the picture, when she married Michael Wendler, who, at the time, was 30-years older. The relationship caused quite the stir, seeing as how Laura's 18-years of age were the exact age of Michael Wendler's own daughter. Still, the love thrived and Laura stopped going to school, while the German press had a field-day with the scandalous couple. Now, their latest scandal tops them all: The Wendlers are on OnlyFans.

Laura Müller and Michael Wendler are not the only ones trying to make it on OnlyFans:

Is Laura Müller Wendler's OnlyFans Worth It?

Well, it's quite expensive at $35 a month and $230 per year, especially considering that it's a brand-new account. What's more, for those thirsting after Laura, the OnlyFans won't give you much that Playboy hasn't already given you. Still, if you want to help Michael Wendler overcome his supposed 1 Million Euro debt, then feel free to subscribe to his and Laura Wendlers OnlyFans account. That, or you can rummage around on Reddit, Discord, or Telegram to find leaks of the Wendlers' OnlyFans account. As always, though, it's far more cavalier to actually support the couple's work on OnlyFans.