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Twitch takes a shot but fails

Twitch Under Fire Over “Womxn's History Month" Promotion

Twitch Promo
Nice try twitch but way to forced! (Credit: Twitch)

Twitch attempts to promote Woman’s Month which takes place in March with a “Womxn” tagline but only confuses fans by their obvious attempt to virtue signal.

We respect the effort Twitch made, as gaming and streaming are for everyone after all. But words still need to be readable! It all started on March 1 when Twitch tweeted a video and provided a blog post promoting “March is Womxn’s History Month.” While their goal was simple: promote streamers who identify as women, they failed because no one identifies by the made-up term “womxn.”

After the community reacted rather poorly to the tagline, it was quickly changed to the regular old dictionary word, “woman.” Twitch reacted to its failed marketing campaign and did so with a tweet that explained their ultimate goal of being inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Even lofty goals can be well-intentioned but totally fail to hit the mark and come off just as forced. It’s better to be inclusive by actions and focus on the actual inclusivity instead of a ham-fisted campaign that uses diversity as a marketing tool.

The original promo where they spell the word woman with an “x” seems relatively harmless in their now-deleted tweet. But it is often the small details that decide your fate in the Twitter-sphere. The original tweet was naturally deleted, but it's the internet, so here it is:

Twitch Tweet
The original deleted tweet (Credit: Twitch via Twitter)

If you want to check out who to support in Woman’s History Month on Twitch, have a look at this blog post that has a list of all the streamers participating in the month-long event.


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