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You go, girl!

Twitch Streamer Sydeon Destroys Toxic Valorant Players

Sydeon vs. Valorant toxicity
Sydeon fought back against Valorant toxicity. | © Sydeon via Twitch

Toxic Valorant players have been exposed by Twitch streamer Sydeon. The female content creator went to Twitter to unleash hew wrath on those who have wronged her in the Valorant voice com, and all we have to say is: god damn right, Sydeon!

Tensions can rise really fast, really quick during online play. No one is denying that. However, escalating into offensive language that borders on idiocy cannot and should not be excused. The fact you're playing a video game does not give you the right to insult everyone left and right. That same message was spread by Twitch streamer Sydeon.

Sydeon Lashes Out at Toxic Valorant Voice Com

Sydeon enjoys playing Valorant. That's probably her biggest fault. No, not because of the toxic community, that's every video game community. It's because the game is a sorry excuse for a competitive shooter.

Now that I got this banter off my chest, let's get back to the story. Sydeon is a Twitch streamer that likes to engage in the occasional Valorant match. Her grave mistake is that she is solo queuing. A practice that leads to a... memorable experience more times than not.

Poor Sydeon was granted one such experience by a slew of friendly teammates. For once, the target of abuse clapped back:

The tweet thread goes on to expand on the horrible interaction with teammates and the awful things that Sydeon got called just for (maybe) playing kind of bad.

We get it, you are the best gamer ever and never make mistake. How dare this absolute noob, who has the audacity to be female, not be as perfect as you? Unacceptable! Must call her names!

We're glad that Sydeon spoke up, and that most reactions have been supportive, because it's one thing to be toxic with your friends and a whole different world to be a piece of garbage with random strangers. The latter must stop.

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