Twitch Streamer DarksydePhil Begs for Donations, Gets Flamed for It

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DarksydePhil begging for donations
Y U No Donate, Bro? (Credit: DarksydePhil)

You should never go full pathetic live on stream. Phil "DarksydePhil" Burnell went full pathetic multiple times during his recent broadcasts and people are recognizing the crappy behavior. DarksydePhil was begging for donations and outright shaming folks who don't/can't donate, making a complete ass of himself. Here's the full story.

Does the name DarksydePhil ring a bell? If it doesn't now, it probably will soon enough. Dude went viral for what we normally call "all the wrong reasons".

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DarksydePhil Gets in Trouble with Twitch

This particular streamer has had a rough time recently. The 39-year-old lost his partnership status on Twitch and that has hit his income, which, we'll at least give him that - has caused him to lose some cool. Anyone would in his place. However, how he handled it is completely unacceptable.

DarksydePhil Begs for Donations

Now that he's lost his Twitch partnership, subs have gone as well, which makes donations the main source of income for Phil. It's obvious that you'd want to point your audience to the ways in which they can pay in return for your content, but Phil, well, he went a little overboard.

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The visibly frustrated content creator has set a $200 goal for each one of his streams, which isn't a small sum for a single day, but if you consider DarksydePhil streams twice a day, six days a week. That's $2400 per week. Not what you'd call spare change.

The situation might have ended there, with Phil being too optimistic about his money-making capabilities. He wasn't content with that though and continued to flame his own fans for not meeting the set goals and calling them morons for not being capable to set up a PayPal account. Public relations 101.

You can see snippets of his ramblings in the video below:

History has already taught us that the public doesn't react well to someone diminishing it and shaming it into coughing money. So there was no one shocked when folks called out Burnell on his uncanny behavior. Just a small peek in these YouTube comments will tell you all about how the audience feels about this.

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