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Was it unjustified

Twitch Serves First Boobs-Ban

KK Sparkles Ban Twitch
So the bodypainter gets banned, but the hot tub philosophers keep roaming. (Credit: KK Sparkles / Sozzlepop Twitch)

Twitch and the hot-tub meta are in everyone's mouth. Interestingly, Twitch finally issued a nudity ban, but it might've been for the wrong reasons... unless you consider body painting to be going too far. 

If you're new to the whole Twitch, boobs, hot tub meta and OnlyFans drama, then allow me to catch you up:

For the longest time now, people have been calling on Twitch to issue bans for raunchy behavior. Well... Twitch finally did take action, just not against the any of the hot tub dwellers:

Update: KK Sparkles responded to our article, clarifying that the picture we used for our thumbnail is not the picture from the stream in question. Yes, we're just ruthless in our pursuit of the most visually appealing header images. We're not ruthless in ignoring justified comments though. Here's the tweet:

KK Sparkles Banned on Twitch

Bodypainter KK Sparkles got hit with a 1-day suspension for "inappropriate body art" and "insufficiently covered bodies". Now, Twitter and the internet are having a heyday with it and screaming bloody murder for Twitch banning dear KK Sparkles and none of these hot tub abusers.


This whole saga, this whole "ban the hot tubbers" bullrubbish (keeping it PG, y'all) is getting on my nerves. Listen: Who cares if some girls are sitting in a hot-tub getting paid while doing it? Yes, they are half-naked, but so is the male fitness streamer doing push-ups and flexing for every sub. Why does one man's sensitivity to the female body have to be another woman's ban? If you don't like it, don't watch it – simple. But don't sit here and cry about KK Sparkles getting banned for painting over her pasties-covered nude body. If you're asking what girls are doing chatting out of hut tubs, I'll ask this: KK, girl, what'chu doing painting your naked body on camera?

I don't mind, I'm just saying don't go pointing fingers. Live and let live. If you all are this fussed about videos you can choose to ignore, then I fear the day you accidentally google anything with safe-search off.

On that note, relax everybody. A 1-day ban for KK Sparkles is no big deal and, at the end of the day, a pasties-covered body is more nude than a bikini. It's all good and fair in my book.

Well... except Indiefoxx. Don't go advertising your OnlyFans to your Twitch subs via mail. That's advertising porn to kids. Big no-no. Still, we'll live. This is a true first-world problem. Remember, there's a virus going on that's actually killing people. 


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