Another Disaster For Twitch - Hack Reveals Every Streamers Income

Another Disaster For Twitch - Hack Reveals Every Streamers Income

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After a tough year, Twitch can't catch a break: Now come news that the site's source code has been leaked - exposing user information and details like its source code, and streamer income.
Twitch Hacked
This must come as a shock to streamers waking up this morning. | © Tom's Guide

Twitch has been hacked, and a ridiculous amount of confidential information has now been made available. Everything from new streaming platforms to big channel incomes. This comes after a string of negative press attention for Twitch - the folks at YouTube HQ must be over the moon...

The Twitch Source Code Leak

So what happened here? A post was made to 4chan's /v/ board (dedicated to video games) that claimed to be from someone who hated Twitch:

Twitch Leak
The torrent is still accessible. | © 4Chan

They mention that Jeff Bezos paid them (in what sounds like blackmail) to not release the source code, but they've done it anyway.

That torrent magnet is still working at the time of writing (October 6, 2021), and if you download the source code you'll find all the details that this user suggests. It looks impossibly too accurate to have been falsified, but we can never be certain.

Whatever the person's explanation for hating Twitch is, they've certainly struck a blow. Not only will competitors have access to data they couldn't have dreamed of yesterday, but now a lot more users will think seriously about how much they can rely on Twitch. And the streamers will be annoyed to see how many fans are now discussing monthly their incomes. Whole threads have been started on Reddit to discuss the topic:

We've got to admit, even if she is earning a ton from OnlyFans, it's a bit galling to see Amouranth be paid so little despite her viewership compared to her competitors. The xQc number is quite mind blowing as well, YouTube will surely be wanting to poach him if they can.

If you're interested in the total numbers from the last couple of years... well, they leaked that as well:

Are you a livestream addict? Course you are, here are some recent stories in case you missed them:

Amazon's Rival Streaming Service

Another huge reveal from this source code leak is the plan for a new streaming service from Amazon. The parent company of Twitch is apparently developing a new platform that will either replace or compete with it. This is probably a wise move at this point; with Twitch seemingly set on a downward trajectory, a whole new brand might be just what they need.

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