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Triciaisabirdy terrified by Intruder

Crazy Person Breaks Into Triciaisabirdy's House Mid-Stream!

Triciaisabirdy cooking
Triciaisabirdy's cooking stream is suddenly interrupted! (Credit: triciaisabirdy via Twtich)

During a cooking stream on Twitch, the well-known streamer chef triciaisabirdy, had her house broken into by a literal crazy man forcing her to end the stream early.

The February 22 stream started as a standard good vibe cooking stream but was suddenly interrupted by a man who proceeded to shout and then climb onto the furniture inside triciaisabirdy’s home.

At first, shouting can be heard in the background and triciaisabirdy then becomes visibly worried on her stream.

She then turns off the stream as the crazed man beings to get even more agitated. Pretty scary sh*t! Luckily, triciaisabirdy was not alone and was surrounded by her friends and roommates as seen in footage from another perspective, uploaded later on Twitter.

The audio is a bit scuffed but it sounds like the man demands to play games with the people in the house, referring to the board games on the kitchen table. Eventually, the police arrive and remove the crazy-ass intruder.

The unidentified man was also heard shouting something about saving a princess... but it quite hard to hear due to the poor audio quality. Triciaisabirdy reassures her fans that she and her roommates are safe in one last tweet.

A truly terrifying experience for everyone involved and we are glad that triciaisabirdy and her roommates were not hurt and chose to deescalate the situation with a person who clearly needs mental help.

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