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Top 5 Biggest Twitch Streamers


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Twitch is home to countless amazing content creators and we love them all! But some will be the cream of the crop, obviously. In any space, the best, brightest and loudest will stick out, and frankly, we love to see it!

You want to know who are the Top 5 biggest Twitch streamers? Keep reading and then watch the video! Today, we feature the 5 biggest Twitch streamers. A wonderfully diverse range of white men… just a little joke.

But to be honest, we at EarlyGame are such big fans of streamers and streaming culture. All of the guys on this list are amazing creators and their success is well deserved. Everyone on this list is a master in a diverse range of games, whether it’s in Fortnite, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov or Overwatch. If you like the people on this list, you surely will also like similar Twitch streamers like Myth or summit1g. Are you excited to see the Top 5? You must be, it’s a really exciting list. Who will be on it? Is Ninja on it? xQc? Who knows! Now go off and see who are the Top 5 biggest Twitch streamers!

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