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Tom Hiddleston Is Loki For Life

Tom Hiddleston Loki For Life
You have my vote, Tom. | © Disney

Think of Loki... now can you see anyone else besides Tom Hiddleston playing him? No? Well, neither can he.

Nobody can blame Tom Hiddleston for loving Loki. He is probably one of the most interesting and fun to watch characters that have graced our TVs. But now imagine how Hiddleston must feel playing him. How not giving a crap and just going at it must be the greatest thing ever for an actor? No wonder Tom Hiddleston wants to play Loki for the rest of his life.

At first, Hiddleston only got to play the God of Mischief in a few MCU movies, but with Disney+ Loki, he was able to go all in. And maybe that's why he now says: you know what? I'm in this for the long run, baby.

Will Tom Hiddleston Continue Playing Loki?

Absolutely. And if it were up to him, for the rest of his life. During a Q&A on Tumblr, a fan asked the actor whether he wanted to play Loki for the rest of his life. This was his answer:

Yeah, absolutely. I'm so lucky that I've got to play Loki for this long. And you know, I feel like he's such an interesting character who's been around in human consciousness for so long. And he's got so many different aspects, so many different complex characteristics, that it feels like every time I play him, I find out something new or we get to evolve him or take him down an avenue that we haven't gone down before.

Now if you think: "what... just that one sentence"? No. Hiddleston also said that he wanted to play the character "for as long as people want me to hold on for.”

Well, Tom, forever. That's our answer. Because as I said at the beginning, there is no Loki without Tom Hiddleston, just like there is no Thor without Chris Hemsworth and no Iron Man without Robert Downey Jr. It's just as simple as that, something, that the entire MCU cast can proud themselves with. They turned their roles into what they are, and nobody can ever take that away from them.

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