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Imagine someone holds a World Record in Tinder Speedrunning

Is Tinder Speedrunning The New Dating Meta?

Tinder Speedrun
Tinder Speedrun is the new Dating Meta... | © Tinder101

You all know what a speedrun is. In case any of you are completely behind the times, a speedrun is when you play through a game as quickly as possible. There are no breaks, you don't stop at anything.

One player even managed to play GTA V to 100% in 9h 33m. That is just insane. You could probably guess from the headline that there is now also a speedrun for the dating app Tinder. Of course, the first record has already been set here.

Is Tinder Speedrunning The New Dating Meta?

Shlub got famous for trying the Tinder Speedrunning. Or Speeddating. However you like it. Shlub has posted several speedrun attempts on his YouTube channel. In life situations that you can not think up then. The Tinder speedrun is certainly the most interesting one here. The video has more than 100,000 clicks, altough he only has 2,000 subscribers.

Tinder Speedrunning Setup

Shlub didn't have a Tinder account before, so he started by creating one. In the bio section, he wrote:

"ALERT I'm trying to set the world record for speedrunning with this app! Swipe up if you have time to do something NOW! Meet me at the nearest Starbucks and I'll give $20 worth of anything to whoever answers first!!!!!!!".

Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?

Tinder Speedrunning or Tinder Speeddating?

Once he had everything set up, he set his account to "live" and the timer began. Hectically, Shlub started swiping every single profile to the right (meaning every profile was liked) until after a minute he had no likes left. Because of this, he spent $5 to upgrade to Tinder, hoping it would increase their chances of getting a quick date. Fortunately, it worked, as two matches were eventually made.

He eventually met his date five hours and four minutes after creating the Tinder profile. Of course, he told his partner about the project, really awkwardly, we think.

Would such an experiment be something for you? Or is it a waste of time? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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