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Close Friends TimTheTatman & Dr DisRespect Will Never Play Together Again

TimTheTatman Might No Longer With Dr DisRespect
TimTheTatman is one of the most watched streamers on Twitch. (Credit: TimTheTatman)

Yesterday TimTheTatman revealed that he can't play with Dr DisRespect even if it's off the Twitch platform. Is it just the rules or a special case?

2020 was a tough year for Dr DisRespect: The popular streamer got banned from Twitch. Why? Well... that's just the thing... nobody knows. The Twitch guidelines state that banned streamers can't be in the same channel as someone who's still on the platform. This means that it might be impossible for the Doctor to ever reconnect with his old streaming friends. Unless they want to get banned as well that is. What about off-stream though?

Can TimTheTatman Ever Stream with Dr Disrespect Again?

No, they can't stream together.

Yesterday,  TimTheTatman was asked by a fan whether he'd consider playing again with Dr DisRespect off-stream to which he answered: No, he can't. This raised a few eyebrows and while Tim didn't go into details it was clear it had something to do with the Twitch rules and what happened between the streaming platform and Dr DisRespect. The two streamers were good friends long before Dr DisRespect got banned, and it's weird that the two can't even sit down for an offline game anymore.

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The Dr DisRespect Ban: Still a Mystery

Ever since the ban Dr DisRespect has moved exclusively to YouTube, so you could say he and Tim are worlds apart. It's not clear why Dr DisRespect got banned from Twitch in the first place and there are plenty of theories flying around. One of them is about a fake Mixer contract that Dr DisRespect used as leverage when negotiating with Twitch. That's according to voice actor Jeff Leach:

What I have heard through various people who work at Twitch is that when it came to renegotiation time for his contract, he was using offers from Mixer as leverage to get himself a bit more money out of Twitch.

The only two parties that know for sure what happened are Dr DisRespect and Twitch. Sadly, none of them have revealed the details of the ban yet. Even with all the drama, complications, and recent guideline updates, Twitch is still the biggest streaming platform. Is it heading in the right direction though?

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