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This Is How Rich Twitch Streamer Ludwig Is Now!

How much money did Ludwig make with his Twitch stream
Ludwig sure got paid, we can tell you that. (Credit: Ludwig - Twitch)

Ludwig. Some only know the king, others only know the streamer. It seems the name is destined for greatness because the Twitch streamer is now the most subbed streamer on Twitch and made serious money on his way to the top. How much money did Ludwig make exactly? We got the answer.

A lot of the credit here goes to Twitch fans that had nothing better to do than to break Ludwig's earnings down. No shade though, because we obviously have nothing better to do than to write about it. Thank you, baddog 86, smartax1111, itzdanbarz and ogsheeper. You're the real MVPs.

So... every Twitch sub costs you $4.99 to $24.99, of which Twitch takes its slice of the pie. Beyond Twitch's greediness, Ludwig also had to pay his mods and the tax collectors. That and he made some charity donations.

How Much Money Did Ludwig Make With His Stream?

All in all, Ludwig made $1.6 million.  


Ok, have you calmed down and reconsidered your life choices? Good. Now let's do the deductions: 

  • Twitch took $935,601
  • Ludwig donated $365,350 to charity
  • Ludwig paid his mods $177,000

That means Ludwig made $207,000 after paying $187k in taxes. 

So yup, Twitch took almost $1 Million. Can we let that sink in? Also, good for Ludwig on giving away a $1 of every sub (and the last day of subs entirely) to donation. $400k to charity is a big deal. Also, Ludwig didn't have to pay his mods, but chose to do so. Stand-up guy. We respect it.

One thing you have to consider though: All the attention and subs that Ludwig got through this, will surely lead to a much bigger payday down the road. We don't know what Ludwig will do next, but we do know that he will never do a subathon again:

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