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The Biggest YouTube Streamers


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There are so many streamers and lets players on YouTube. For real, so many. If you want to start doing YouTube, but you have no clue what type of content to produce, you usually go for gaming videos. Especially those about Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO and other shooters. This usually brings in quite a few subscribers, at least when you are quite decent at playing and also at entertaining. A whole package deal usually comes in handy, but some YouTubers went even further and made it real big, they are basically the kings of gaming and have millions of subscribers on YouTube.

PewDiePie should at least ring a bell, especially since his big subscriber-fight against T-series. But there are a few more that became top streamers on YouTube with their gaming content. And not just by playing Minecraft! Games like Among Us, survival games and also horror games are quite popular. A few sprinkles of comedy content and reaction videos go a long way as well. As already mentioned, you got to have the whole package deal on YouTube. These 5 top streamers really have what it takes, as their numbers prove it!

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