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The Craziest Streamer Scandals in March


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You're into gossip and scandal? Well, you're on the internet, you don't have to look far. But if you're too lazy to google it yourself, we'll show you the biggest streamer scandals every month. Sexism, bans, and comebacks - everything your heart desires!

Whether it's Snoop Dogg's outburst, a breakup over Fortnite, or the possible career-ending of an NBA player: This month was all about the Rage-Quit! These were the biggest scandals on Twitch, YouTube, and Co:

In March, it started with Snoop Dogg, who showed himself to be a really bad loser. And apparently doesn't know much about technology. But at least he can't claim that his girlfriend left him because of his video game hobby! However, that's true for Dele Alli, who was dumped by Ruby Mae because of Fortnite. Bummer!

Meanwhile, Meyers Leonard cursed around in his own stream, jeopardizing his entire NBA career. Twitch is unstoppable while swinging the ban hammer! But no one was under more fire this month than Valorant pro Sinatraa, who allegedly abused his girlfriend. Heavy story!

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