Squid Game Becomes A Reality In South Korea - Events Start This Month

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As the Korea Times reports, a real-life event of Squid Game is to be held in the South Korean province of Gangwon in October. Here are the details about the announcement!
Squid Game
I have a bad feeling about this hype. | © Squid Game

Squid Game rules the world. If you've been hanging out on Reddit for the past few days, you were overwhelmed by thousands of memes about the show. It's no different in the gaming world. After Fortnite, Fall Guys is also said to be working on a crossover with the popular Netflix series. And now the Korean Times has reported that a Squid Game real-life event is supposed to take place in South Korea. How is that supposed to work?

Even the prize money was confirmed. A total of 5 million Won is at stake. Sounds like a lot of money at first glance. But anyone who, like me, has googled the exchange rates between Won and USD during the episodes knows that that's not much. The winner takes home around 4,200 USD. Why should someone risk his life for that? Well... It's not that dangerous.

Squid Game Becomes Reality

The organizer of the event is the St. John's Hotel in Gangneung. But it's not only guests who are allowed to take part in the event, but people who just want to have a little fun can also get involved. It won't be as wild as in Squid Game. No violence, no dead people. Obviously.

The participants compete against each other in a total of four games: Red Light Green Light, tug of war, Dalgona, and Ddakji. Dalgona is the second game in Squid Game in which the different shapes had to be cut out of flat sugar candy. Ddakji appeared in the first episode. The aim here is to flip a piece of paper with a second one. Wow. Amazing. Great Gameplay.

But to stick with the actual topic – whoever loses gets eliminated. From the game, not from life. As already mentioned, the winner will receive 5 million Won. It's not nearly as much as it is in the series, but if I learned anything from Squid Game... For a little money, I would take part in any children's game.

As you've probably already noticed, the organizer is just trying to keep up with the hype and get some good advertising. And it works! Even if you have to pay an entry fee of around 8 USD, the event is already fully booked. Maybe there will be even more events like this soon. And I wouldn't be surprised if some of them get more dangerous...

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