Quotes From Squid Game Star HoYeon Jung Troll The Entire Internet

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Squid Game continues to be all the rage on Netflix, and now a very specific meme of actress HoYeon Jung, who plays the role of Sae-Byeok in the series, has taken over the Internet.
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Is HoYeon Jung a fan of Fortnite, Valorant and Co? | © Epic Games / Riot / Ojingŏ Keim

After its release in mid-September, Squid Game became an overnight sensation. You're probably living under a rock somewhere should you not have heard of the series. Even my dad heard about it and he only watches old western movies on TV. Here's a quick recap for the clueless: In the show, 456 indebted contestants are tasked with winning popular children's games in order to pick up fat prize money. If they fail, they get killed... That is, if they don't kill each other.

Why we are here is not the show though, but a popular rumor about Squid Game star HoYeon Jung that is making the rounds on the internet. According to the rumor, she revealed in an interview with Vogue that she likes to play Fortnite in her free time.

In that interview, she reportedly said the following about Fortnite:

"I just think the world needs this now. Every time I play it, my mood changes for the better."

But this rumor didn't just stop at Fortnite. Allegedly, Jung is also obsessed with Sonic Adventures 2 and Valorant. The tweets spread like wildfire, but what is the truth behind the stories?

Is HoYeon Jung a Fan of Video Games Like Valorant, Fortnite & Co?

We're sorry to disappoint you... no, the rumors about HoYeon and her enthusiasm for video games are just a huge troll.

Fans of the show took snippets of quotes from the interview with HoYeon and changed them however they felt like it. The altered versions of the quotes immediately went viral on social media, as users obviously didn't know they weren't real, and even more obviously, didn't check if they were actually real.

A whole lot of people fell for it and even believed she was an avid viewer of Twitch streamers, esports and musicians. Once again, the Internet has taken us for a ride. But how does the famous saying go? "Don't believe everything you see on the Internet" - Napoleon.

I know it's sad, but HoYeon in your Fortnite or Valo lobby just would have been a bit too good to be true...

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Original article by Alisa Eiber