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Without John Wick in it?

Spinoff Series “The Continental” Will Cost More Than John Wick

Spinoff Series “The Continental” Will Cost More Than John Wick
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If you're a fan of action movies you'll be happy to hear that there's even more John Wick on the way! The Continental will be a spinoff series focused around Winston and the hotel of the same name. Here's what we know so far.

John Wick came out in 2014 and little did many of us expect that it'll be more than just another action movie. John Wick relied on a decent story, excellent choreography, a killer soundtrack, and Keanu Reeves as the main character. Needless to say, the series is now a total hit. We've already seen John Wick 2 and 3, but there's more to be excited about.

The Continental Spinoff Confirmed

If you've watched any of the movies, you're probably familiar with The Continental. Even if you've missed out on all the action, worry not, as The Continental will be a prequel. The spinoff series will tell the story of Winston, a character that was present in every single John Wick movie so far. The show will focus on the fictional chain of hotels for assassins and how they came to be. Ian McShane played Winston in the John Wick movies, but it's still not clear who'll take the role of his younger self in the series.

The Continental Format

Initially, many of us thought that The Continental will be a TV series, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Instead, the show will be in a mini-series format, featuring a total of only three episodes with the length of a full 90-minute movie each. The budget for the three episodes is rumored to be around $20 million. That's more than the first two John Wick movies combined!

The Continental Release Date

There's no clear date yet. It was last reported that The Continental won't be airing before John Wick 4 is out. The latter was delayed due to the pandemic, and we'll have to wait until May 27, 2022. This means that The Continental will come out at some point after that date, so stay tuned for an update.

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