Snoop Dogg’s Entire Twitch Stream Was Muted… And Nobody Told Him

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Snoop Dogg's Twitch Stream Was Muted
Oh, Doggydogg20, if only you had actually looked at the comments. | © Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and his Twitch streams are iconic… maybe for the wrong reasons, but in the end, they’re the right reasons, because we’re watching for all the mishaps and aggressive outbursts. One of those mishaps has happened again, only that this time, we kind of even feel bad for him.

So, Snoop Dogg, the legend himself, the hero of our childhoods and the guy who probably taught you more about sex than your school did. He did another… thingy. He streamed, as he so often does. And then he messed up… as he so often does. This time, it wasn’t a rage quit, it was a pretty chill and calm stream. And that’s the issue. It was too calm. Because you couldn’t hear a damn thing. Snoop Dogg’s entire stream was muted.

Now, you probably think: why didn’t the chat just tell him? Because Snoop Dogg had enabled “emote only mode”, that meant that the chat could only write in emotes. And well, telling somebody that the stream is muted is apparently not so easy, especially not when you don't even look at the chat, which is what must have happened in Snoop Dogg's case.

Snoop Dogg streamed for over an hour, playing Madden 21, while the entire time, he was muted. He gave absolutely no indication that he ever noticed that he had been muted the entire time, hadn’t said anything when he left, nor did he mention anything on his social media afterward.

However, knowing Snoop Dogg, we doubt that he’d even address it. He had a good time, and we had a good laugh. That’s all that matters, right?

What Does Snoop Dogg Play On Twitch?

Snoop Dogg mainly plays Madden 21 on his Twitch, the same game that he rage quit and made headlines with just weeks ago. We hope he’ll also try out Madden NFL 22 when it gets released. Doggydogg20 – yes, that is his actual Twitch name, and please don’t tell me you’re surprised by this – will definitely entertain us some more in the future, no matter what game he is playing.

Because, as you can see, we don’t even need audio to enjoy him (though we do also really like his songs).

For our entertainment video section, you definitely want audio, though. Our voiceovers are fantastic, if I might say so.