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Blame the room

Snoop Dogg Completely Freaks Out on Twitch, Forgets To Turn Off Stream

Snoop Dogg with a Rage Quit in Twitch livestream playing Madden NFL 21
"F*** this s*** man." Snoop Dogg freaks out - and just keeps the stream going. (Credit: Doggydogg20 via Twitch)

Rapper Snoop Dogg is a true gamer and plays many different games on his Twitch channel. He has a lot of fun... most of the time, anyway. Over the weekend, he went completely berserk while playing Madden NFL 21, even live in front of the audience.

Yes, sports games can make you incredibly aggressive. FIFA players know this phenomenon from the Weekend League, but Madden NFL 21 is not necessarily much better - as rapper Snoop Dogg proved over the weekend.

Snoop Dogg: Rage Quit Live on Twitch

US rapper Snoop Dogg is a true music legend and has been making a name for himself on Twitch for some time now. His channel Doggydogg20 already has around 227,000 followers. Over the weekend, they witnessed quite a freak-out.

Snoop actually wanted to score a few touchdowns in Madden NFL 21 on Sunday. In one play, the musician was suddenly down 14-0 and it wasn't exactly going to look like a comeback.

When his opponent then scored a third touchdown to make it 21-0, the Doggfather angrily turned off his console, threw his headset on the table, and ran out of the room in a rage. "F*** this s*** man, I came in this room and everything went bad," he yelled before running out of the room. But then again, it's not the poor room's fault.

Snoop Dogg's Twitch Stream Continues to Run

Only he forgot to take his Twitch stream offline. For seven hours, viewers witnessed what happens in Snoop Dogg's gaming room when the rapper... uses his very own methods to calm himself down again.

Not much really happened in the stream in the meantime, but there was still a lot going on in the chat. After about seven hours, the hip-hop star returned in a visibly better mood and was at least richer by a Rage Quit clip with around 200,000 clicks and some streaming time. Don't worry, Snoop - we know the feeling. Next time, at least point your cam at what's going on in the background, okay?

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.