Sinatraa's Ex Has Filed a Police Report Against Him | EarlyGame
She is not letting this go easily

Sinatraa's Ex Has Filed a Police Report Against Him

Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez has filed a police report against Sinatraa. (Credit:

Jay "Sinatraa" Won's ex-girlfriend Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez has filed a police report against him. That much she says in a new text document to follow up her initial revelations about the abuse she received during her relationship with Sinatraa.

Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez went viral for very unfortunate reasons. Details of her abusive relationship with Overwatch legend Sinatraa painted a very grim picture of those times. Now she is back with more answers. Namely, that she has filed a police report against the Valorant pro.


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Is Sinatraa Going to Jail?

We don't know about jail yet, but Sinatraa is in a tight spot. After his ex-girlfriend came out with her story on March 10, he got suspended by his Valorant organization Sentinels that same day and got scrutinized for his actions while being with cle0h.

Don't forget: everything is black and white on social media. Next to those who immediately threw stones at the esports pro, some were asking for more proof and mostly: why didn't Cleo go to the police? In a new follow-up, she provides further screenshots from their unhealthy conversations and answers to some of the hits Sinatraa's current girlfriend has thrown her way.

Most importantly, Cleo unveiled the fact that she has indeed gone to the police and filed a report against Sinatraa. The case is open and ongoing. No more details have been revealed, so we are not aware of the exact amount of trouble Jay Won is in.

We hope that would shut the mouths that always scream "oh yeah, then why don't you go to the police?" and whoever is right or wrong in this case would see the justice they deserve.

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