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She-Ra Live-Action Series: Big Win For LGBTQAIP+ Abandoned By Disney

She-Ra is everything you want a heroin to be | © Netflix

She-Ra is getting a live-action series from Amazon. Netflix had picked the license up for a reboot only a few years ago, but their animated show has finished. Amazon will surely follow in the footsteps of Netflix though - retaining the well-received inclusivity of their production. 

Unlike so many other cartoon heroines, She-Ra was soldierly from her first inception. She was noble and aspirational even in the 80s, but Netflix's reboot did more - they detached her from He-Man entirely. And they went further, setting She-Ra in a casually inclusive world, in which there was no presumed heteronormativity. That's why we're quietly confidant this series will make good strides in progressing representation in film and TV, and why it could offer an example to Disney. 

Who Is She-Ra

She-Ra first came into being in 1985, alongside He-Man, as his counterpart and love interest in the animated film "He-Man and She-Ra: The Secrets of the Sword". This was intended to launch a female equivalent to the He-Man product line, but it was a lot more successful than they presumed it would be. She-Ra went on to have her own spinoff series with around 100 episodes produced in the late eighties. The franchise was picked up by Netflix a couple of years ago who also did an animated TV show, but now that too has ended. 

She-Ra's origin story was that she was abducted as a child and taken to a slave planet, and there subjected to mind-control by a villain. He-Man comes and breaks the mind-control ten years later, then she gets a sword that grants her the power to become a warrior. But Netflix completely detached her character from He-Man, in their retelling she finds the sword and becomes She-Ra alone. 

Netflix's show was also one of the first animated kids' programs that didn't presumptively encode every character as cis-gendered and heterosexual. There were gender non-conforming characters and characters with fluid sexual orientations, and none of this drew attention to itself, it was truly normalized. It's in this tradition that we expect Amazon to continue the She-Ra legacy. 

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When Is The She-Ra Live-Action Series Release Date?

The live-action She-Ra series is still in early development, so we don't expect it to land before late 2022. And to be honest, that might be optimistic. But we're no less excited for what's sure to become a beloved show. 

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