Sex Sells: Twitch Stars That Have an OnlyFans Account

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Which Twitch stars have an OnlyFans account? While Twitch in the last few months is becoming more and more sexualized, the real deal is at OF. These are the most popular girls on Twitch that can be found on OnlyFans too.

Sex Sells. Even the ancient Greeks knew that – just look at all those well-endowed statues. Nowadays, sex doesn't just sell, it's celebrated. These Twitch streamers could easily pass for models with their looks. They've chosen a different path, however - the path of OnlyFans.

Even though it is actually against Twitch's terms of use, more and more female streamers are using the platform to promote lewd content. We'll leave the morals out of it here and talk about who these OnlyFans starlets are and how they made it to the top of Twitch.

Who Is Hannah Owo?

Hannah Owo
The duality of being | © Hannah Owo's Twitter

Hannah Owo is an 18-year-old content creator who's been rapidly gaining traction on TikTok, Twitch, Twitter and Onlyfans. She plays a lot of Genshin Impact, and chats with her fans, but she's famous for erotic content. Obviously.

If you wanted to find Hannah Owo then you might also find her under the name AestheticallyHannah on certain platforms.

Who Is Indiefoxx?

Twitch OnlyFans Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx loves her fans. | © Indiefoxx

Indiefoxx has been in the headlines lately because she tried out how much she can reveal on Twitch. Of her body, of course. This has already earned her six bans from the platform.

First, Indiefoxx was banned for wearing a see-through swimming costume. Then, to celebrate her return on Twitch, she decided to lie on her bed dressed only in her underwear. She wrote the names of donors on her body, including on her thighs and breasts. Twitch didn't find this funny at all and banned her again.

The third ban was from a different, more musical variety. The last three were all connected to the popular hot tub and ASMR meta. Her final ban (for now) has not been lifted yet and she's been off of Twitch for three weeks because of it.

In any case, a quick look at Indiefoxx's socials shows that she is also an OnlyFans content creator. A subscription to Indiefoxx's OnlyFans account costs $15 per month, which unlocks over 500 photos and videos. Not a bad deal.

Who Is MissBehavin?

Twitch OnlyFans MissBehavin
MissBehavin likes melons. No comment. | © MissBehavin

In one of the most shocking moments in Twitch history, streamer MissBehavin's account was suspended for three days when she exposed herself live on stream. Not accidentally. MissBehavin danced around in her underwear for a good five minutes before bending over and showing absolutely everything to her viewers.

MissBehavin has claimed that the video clip was meant for her OnlyFans subscribers, not Twitch. However, the situation has made the streaming community very angry. Being banned for three days for such an explicit stream when folks are getting a week off for far less seems unfair to say the least.

Who Is Amouranth?

Twitch OnlyFans Amouranth
Mary Jane has gone a long way since the Toby Maguire days. | © Amouranth

One of the most popular female streamers on Twitch, Amouranth switched from Patreon to OnlyFans. She has over 200 posts on her OnlyFans, which costs about $10 a month. She has already gotten in trouble on Twitch when she "accidentally" exposed herself while playing with her dog on the floor. This earned her more followers than ever before.

After numerous bans for up to three days and a removal of her ad revenue, Amouranth is still going strong. At this stage, Twitch is more like free promotion of her OnlyFans, where she is making the larger portion of her income.

Who Is Jasmin Foxe?

Twitch OnlyFans Jasmine Foxe
The prime example of a typical e-girl. | © Jasmin Foxe

Another one with Fox in the name? Are they in cahoots? No, even if some viewers would certainly like that. Jasmin Foxe is following in Belle Delphine's footsteps with her look. Her Twitch account goes by Jasmin Wolfe, but with just 40k followers, it's not the main source of income.

That would be her OnlyFans account. She has uploaded more than 150 posts there and offers fan service at its best for all e-girl fanatics.

Who Is Chelxie?

Twitch OnlyFans Chelxie
Red hair, don't care. | © Chelxie

French streamer and gamer Chelxie is very active on Twitch and YouTube. Chelxie's gaming streams impress viewers with her cheerful personality, among other things.

On OnlyFans, the streamer also posts videos and pictures of herself. As you can figure out yourself, it's no longer about gaming, but naked skin. Far easier that way.

Who Is Alinity?

Alinity OnlyFans
Alinity made the jump to OnlyFans recently. | © Alinity

Alinity joined the train of Twitch streamers on their way to OnlyFans just a couple of months ago, and is the last high-profile name to do so. She claimed to have made more there in a month than she would have in 10 years on Twitch. That should give you an idea of how profitable this all is for these girls.

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