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Disney better have my money

Black Widow Scandal: Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney for $50 Million!

Scarlett Johansson is suing disney for a black widow contract breach
You don't breach Black Widow's contract... come on, Disney. | © Disney

Scarlett Johansson claims that Disney breached her Black Widow contract and is suing them for $50 million dollar – money she claims she's owed.

So Black Widow is a dope movie. It really is. Scarlett Johansson is a dope actress and a dope actress from a dope movie wants to get paid her due, which, allegedly, Disney didn't do.

Why Is Scarlett Johansson Suing Disney?

Scarlett's contract had her being paid based on box office results and Disney released the movie on their streaming service Disney Plus as a Premiere Access, which means they're making a lot of money from subscribers who are not going to watch it at the movie theater. 

All of this Disney Plus releasing bothers Scarlett Johansson, because her contract states that Black Widow should've had an exclusive movie theater release. Naturally, because that's where she was set to make the most cash.

Sources close to Scarlett say that she was always weary of Disney dropping the movie on their streaming service, which is why she specifically put that clause in her contract. When Disney then double-crossed her, they did not respond to her attempts of making contact, which is why she is now... suing for a breezy $50 Million.

Now... comment time: First of all, it's funny to me that Disney is crossing Black Widow, because... this reads like the plot to a cheap spy movie. Second of all, it's also funny to me that they would breach the contract of such a high profile actress, knowing full well that this is going to make the rounds on the internet. Third, and last: Scarlett, I would never do that to you and I loved the movie. Marry me? I don't make all that much, but we won't need it, once Disney pays you your fifty milli, plus... I have an awesome dog, you'll like him.

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