The Internet Wants to Make Love to Samsung Sam | EarlyGame
Not just in a platonic way

The Internet Wants to Make Love to Samsung Sam

Samsung Sam
These eyes stare into the soul. (Credit: Samsung)

Samsung are finding themselves in the public eye for reason we're sure they did not anticipate. A mascot project that wasn't even supposed to see the light of day has taken the internet by storm for, uhm, interesting reasons. Meet Samsung Sam!

You know, we're always open-minded and stuff, but sometimes it's just difficult, man. Keep up the pace and you'll see what is testing our pure minds this week.

Who Is Samsung Sam?

Ready? Here goes! What was quickly dubbed Samsung Sam are actually a bunch of pictures of a mascot that was designed by a company called Lightfarm for Samsung. Said mascot was a candidate for appearing in some Samsung ads, but never made it to any advertisement campaign. Given what happened and keeps happening for the past couple of days, we can say that the person who cut Sam made a massive mistake.

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Sexualized Samsung Sam Stories Storm Socials

Big simpin' from boys and girls alike is difficult to achieve. Usually it's either one group or the other. It's curious to see that an ad mascot of all things could achieve the feat without even being used as originally intended.

The pics just leaked and the drooling began on its own.

We just may or may not have heard of already existing explicit content including the new star in everyone's heart. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

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