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The fastest unbanning in Twitch history

Ryan Higa Sets Twitch Ban Record

Ryan Higa Sets Twitch Ban Recod
Well, Ryan Higa setting the Twitch Ban Record wasn't on our 2021 Bingo card. (Credit: Ryan Higa)

Ryan Higa is one of the OGs of internet content creators. Even nigahiga can't withstand the horrible Twitch ban logic though, and he got suitably kicked off the platform last night. Then got quickly re-installed. So quickly that it must be some sort of Guinness world record!

Twitch is notorious for its extremely erratic bans. They usually come out of nowhere and are hardly justified or the exact opposite - should be applied much faster and be much more severe than they actually are. In Ryan Higa's case, it was the former. Thankfully, everything got resolved quickly.

Why Was Ryan Higa Banned from Twitch?

Short story short: Ryan Higa was chilling, streaming some Among Us last night when all of a sudden the Twitch hammer hit and disconnected him. A prompt email was sent to the streamer where the reasoning for the ban was cleared up: hateful conduct.

Nigahiga was left questioning what the hell he'd done wrong, just like 90% of Twitch ban victims. In a rare instance of the platform reverting its mistake at short notice, Ryan's profile was unbanned just 20 minutes later and he was back to streaming. He explained that twitch sent him an apology and disclosed that the ban was indeed wrongfully applied. Probably some other poor bastard named Higa was supposed to get the boot instead.

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While a minor obstacle for nigahiga, this is just another example of Twitch's incompetent ban politics. A minor streamer without a large platform could have remained in the cellar for days, weeks, or who knows how long. Who cares about small-scale streamers though, am I right?

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