Ricegum Confronts Crush Sara Rose On Her OnlyFans Account | EarlyGame
Live on stream, nevertheless

Ricegum Confronts Crush Sara Rose On Her OnlyFans Account

Ricegum & Sara Rose's kiss on stream
There won't be more of that after this. (Credit: itsarawhatt/Ricegum)

Bryan Quang Le, better known as Ricegum, went through an unorthodox live stream call with Sara Rose. Who's Sara Rose? Ricegum's crush, according to many fans. Speaking of fans, it is OnlyFans that created a dispute between the pair. Rose created an OF account, which did not sit well with Bryan.

Ricegum is one of those YouTube personalities that seems to stay relevant mostly through drama. This latest dose of controversy comes with a scent of a rose.

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What Happened Between Ricegum & Sara Rose?

The two have had a very successful streaming relationship recently, including a dive into the hot tub meta and one particularly successful stream where Bryan and Sara kissed, which immediately got fans excited about their status. Sara Rose has since been dubbed Ricegum's "crush", which makes this next episode rather spicy.

Ricegum Calls Sara Rose Live on Stream Because of OnlyFans Account

Ricegum was made aware by fans that Sara Rose has joined OnlyFans - something he had no idea was going on behind his back. A live call between the two ensued where Le accuses Rose of using him to gain easy following for her OnlyFans account and breaking a verbal agreement for collaborations between the pair. Her stance on the matter can be summed up in a few words: she needs to make bread.

We will allow ourselves a small grain of reasonable doubt. Ricegum's whole shtick is being in the controversy flow and there's a real possibility this is all par for the course and the verbal agreement on collaboration is fully intact, iykwim. Who would agree to discuss this sort of stuff live on stream if it's genuine?

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