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It wasn't that bad

3 Reasons Why Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Was Worth It

Reasons Why Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather was what it was marketed as. (Credit: AFP)

The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight was critisized way more than it was praised. We'll try to play a little devil's advocate here and will give you three reasons why Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather was worth it.

We know, we know, it was a boring fight and anyone who paid for it wasted their time and money. We won't even try to dispute the former, but we have something to say about the latter. Here are our top 3 reasons why Paul vs. Mayweather was worth it.

1. It's Entertainment, Not Boxing

It seems like way too many folks were either fooled or are acting like they were. This was never advertized as a serious boxing match. Floyd said it best: he may be a retired boxer, but he's not retired from entertainment. Remember now, entertainment is subjective. What may be boring to you, mau bot be to someone else. Even the rules were all crazy, no one in their right mind would have turned on the pay per view expecting to see Ali vs. Foreman.

Speaking of the rules...

2. A Match Like No Other

When the rules were announced a few days before the fight, they weren't taken in with much positivity. What was especially frustrating for most was the part where there wouldn't be a winner. We totally get that, honestly.

However, knockouts were legal, which is a mind-bending concept to think about. No judges, no points, no winner, yet... knockouts. What would have happened if one of the fighters did get their lights shut? No winner, but one of them is lying on the ground half-conscious? The only pity is that we didn't get to see this.

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3. Setup for Jake vs. Floyd

Jake Paul is shaping out to be the more successful brother on the boxing ring. While Logan is still to record a victory in an official or unofficial capacity, Jake has a couple to his name already, whatever you may say about the level of opposition.

Before fighting Logan, Floyd was asked what would follow after that. He gave a short and thorough reply:

We’ll just see. After Logan, probably Jake. We don’t know, we’ll see.

We don't know about you, but a Jake vs. Floyd bout is something we would be interested in seeing.

There you go. It wasn't all bad. If you knew what to look for and what to expect, Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather would have delivered exactly that.

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