Protester & Activist Laura Amherst OnlyFans: Is It Worth It?

Protester & Activist Laura Amherst OnlyFans: Is It Worth It?

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You might know Laura Amherst from being the blonde, naked activist at Extinction Rebellion. Now, you want to know if her OnlyFans is worth it, right? We got you.
Laura Amherst OnlyFans worth it
All this beauty is being put to use for a good cause. | © Laura Amherst

Alright, who is Laura Amherst, what is the activist even posting on her OnlyFans, and is it worth it? Thirsty heads, activists, world-changers... I've got the answers you're thirsting for.

Is Laura Amherst's OnlyFans Worth It?

Who Is Laura Amherst?

Well, before she was known for being the topless Extinction Rebellion protester, Laura Amherst was, and still is, a 31-year-old mom from Brighton, who studies politics. Ever since September, Laura and her assets have become famous, after being in full display at the aforementioned Extinction Rebellion protests. You see, rather than getting naked for just money, Laura is getting naked for change, and promises to donate 75% of her earnings to aid our world's climate. Yes, this climate change warrior is putting her blessings to good use.

Should You Get Laura Amherst's OnlyFans?

I mean, the woman is getting naked to support the planet you live on. If that's not worth contributing towards, then I don't know what is. You can probably get a tax deduction on your OnlyFans subscription if you file it as a donation. Jokes aside, you're seriously supporting a good cause with this (unless you consider combating climate change to not be a good thing). The sad news is that, currently, Laura's OnlyFans is not available anymore. Maybe the global attention was too much for Laura, or maybe she's just re-branding before coming back strong. Who knows... but you can easily keep up with Laura on her Twitter, which is very much NSFW, but easy enough to find: She goes by the name of Climate T*ts. How fitting.

Currently, Laura has declared that she will be on a hunger strike, until Boris Johnson meets the Extinction Rebellion demands, so we're certain she's gonna make more headlines – with or without an OnlyFans account.

Laura Amherst's OnlyFans is currently offline, but these ladies are still hustling:

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