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One hell of a business

$750M Cheating Ring Busted!

Chinese Police bust a video game cheating scandal
Chinese police bust a video game cheating scandal. (Credit: Rockstar)

Chinese police busted a huge ring for selling video game cheats worth in excess of $750M. The takedown operation took over a year, but now the cheating (at least this particular one) has come to an end.

Cheating in video games has existed for as long as video games themselves have been around. To most, using a wall hack may seem like a minor offense that doesn't amount to much. To these cheat smugglers though, selling those types of cheats made them hundreds of US dollars. Until they got caught.

Video Game Cheats Market Takes a Huge Hit

The Chinese police paired up with Tencent Games in their effort to bring the cheat-selling scheme to its knees. It may have taken them a whole year, but the product of their labor is here: A dirty business that reportedly earned over $700M and hit five-digits in profit daily is earning no more.

The nameless culprits dealt in cheats for all kinds of video games, which was bound to get someone on their tails. This is speculation and not facts, but we bet that Tencent played the role of the tail and that's how they got involved with this whole case.

After that, it was a matter of good police work. Whether private interests took part or not, the final result is good for everyone, and we'll take it.

Chinese police claim this is the largest hit against video game cheats ever because:

  • there are huge sums of money involved
  • there are a lot of games involved
  • there's an enormous volume of users involved

We don't know which games were covered by the ring, but we do know that subscriptions for these temporary cheats cost in the region of:

  • $10 daily
  • $50 weekly
  • $200 monthly

It's true what they say: cheating only gets you so far.

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