Pokimane Celebrates Birthday with a Hot Tub Stream | EarlyGame
It happened, it actually happened

Pokimane Celebrates Birthday with a Hot Tub Stream

Pokimane birthday hot tub stream
Pokimane and OfflineTV dove into the Twitch hot tub meta. (Credit: OfflineTV)

All the people waiting on an Imane "Pokimane" Anys hot tub stream were treated tenfold today: Pokimane celebrated her 25th birthday with the OfflineTV crew in a jacuzzi, but it was a little different from the established Twitch hot tub meta.

Pokimane is one of the few female streamers to openly criticize the Twitch hot tub meta. So how come she now does a hot tub stream? Well, hers came with a little twist of irony.

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Pokimane Celebrates Birthday with a Hot Tub Stream

May 14 is Imane Anys' birthday and to celebrate the occasion, the now 25-year-old streamer and her colleagues from OfflineTV got in the hot tub! This was not your run-of-the-mill hot tub stream though, but more of a parody of the controversial Twitch meta. Folks were fully clothed and just had a ton of fun in the water, which is one approach to hot tub streams we can get behind.

What is a birthday without a cake? Yes, there was a birthday cake for Poki, which was given to her right there in the tub. The birthday girl had a bit of trouble coming up with a wish, but she managed quickly enough for the cake holders to not drop the goods in the water.

If you're hoping for OfflineTV hot tub stream part 2, you shouldn't hold your breath, as far as scarra is concerned:

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