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It’s not a Flying Type Pokémon, but we’ll just ignore that.

You Can Now Fly In A Pikachu Plane

Pokémon Pikachu Plane
Imagine flying past a Pikachu Plane... even that would be enough for me. | © The Pokémon Company

Ever wanted to fly in a Pikachu Plane? You can! The Pokémon Company announced a new Pokémon-themed plane with the airline Skymark. All aboard the Pikachu Plane! Go get yourself some merch!

You remember this. You remember a Pokémon themed plane… why are we writing about it now? Well, the one you remember is from a while ago. 2016, actually. The one we’re talking about is brand new, and it’s not a general Pokémon plane, but a Pikachu one!

The Pikachu plane had its first flight today, from Tokyo to Okinawa, which might already give you a hint as to how you can fly with this plane.

How Can I Fly With The Pikachu Plane?

Skymark is a Japanese Airline, which means you will have to go on a Skymark flight to fly with the Pikachu Plane. On the bright side, the Pokémon Company said that they want to have more collaborations with other airlines soon, the one having been named was Scoot, a low-cost Singaporean airline. Bottom line: be in Japan, which is kind of hard right now due to the travel restrictions Japan still has – thanks COVID – but we’re sure the plane will remain for a while longer. Everyone will want to board that beauty.

Pokémon Pikachu Plane
Sure, this was a special event, but imagine being greeted like that. A childhood dream, right? | © Skymark

However, if you somehow do end up being in Japan at some point and have the opportunity to fly with the Pikachu plane: do so. The entire plane is full of Pikachu, both the exterior, and the interior. And because the plane was created for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, the 25th row has a special surprise for its passengers. Wonder who will get that special treat…

The merch you can buy on that plane is something that I’d willingly spend hundreds of dollars on, and I know other hardcore Pokémon fans will want to too. So, to sum it up: Fly with the Pikachu plane if you can when you're a Pokémon fan.

Would you want to fly with a Pikachu plane? If so, let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and we will happily get excited with you. In the meantime, make sure you stick around our Entertainment and Gaming section for more cool news!

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