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Pokémon Fossil Museum: When & Where You Can Visit

Pokémon Fossil Museum
Pikachu will help you learn about dinosaurs. (Credit: www.kahaku.go.jp)

We never thought we'd see Pokémon and science mashed up into one event. That's exactly what the Pokémon Fossil Museum is about to do. Mixing Pokémon and paleontology sounds very exciting, but you will have to make a trip to Japan to see it.

Pokémon and The National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan have come up with an interesting and delightfully educational concept – the Pokémon Fossil Museum. What's that and where can you see it? We have the answers.

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What Is the Pokémon Fossil Museum?

The Pokémon Fossil Museum is a collaborative project from Pokemon and the Japanese National Museum of Nature and Science. It is going to mix exhibits of actual fossils from the pre-historic era with creatures from the Pokémon franchise that were inspired by their real-life counterparts.

The idea behind the project is to make the field of paleontology more appealing to children and young adults, as well as general fans of the manga-video game-movie franchise. Safe to say that the Pokémon Fossil Museum will achieve maximum levels of paleontological entertainment.

When & Where Can You See the Pokémon Fossil Museum Exhibit?

This curious museum exhibit shall remain local for now. You can visit the moving Pokémon Fossil Museum at various locations across Japan.

The confirmed dates and locations so far are:

  • Mikasa City Museum – July 3-September 20, 2021
  • Shimane Prefectural Sampei Nature Museum – Fall 2021
  • Tokyo National Science Museum – Spring 2022
  • Toyohashi Museum of Natural History – Summer 2022

While nothing specific has been announced past that point, the Pokémon Fossil Museum tour is expected to extend into 2023. Could it make a trip or two outside of Japan? It's in the realm of possibilities. We certainly hope so.

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