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This was not unexpected

PewDiePie Responds to Controversy & Laughs at Critics

pewdiepie vtuber drama
He's here to stay! (Credit: PewDiePie via YouTube)

PewDiePie faced a lot of backlash in the last weeks after his reverse face reveal. He used virtual avatars in his videos and got promptly cancelled by the Vtuber community. Find out how he responded!

We already told you about PewDiePie’s big comeback after taking a break and his reveal of a virtual avatar. He jokingly said that he wanted to stay relevant by using these avatars since they were so popular with other YouTubers. Then, he got cancelled for it. In his last video, he responded to his biggest critics.

“I didn’t even know!“

Pewdiepie starts his video on a funny note, stating that he didn’t even notice that he got cancelled. Even though he was trending everywhere and the story got picked up by many news sites… He must live under a rock these days.

“You guys are white supremacists?”

Felix was also very surprised to find out what the cause of his controversy was. People on Twitter were claiming that PewDiePie’s audience is just a bunch of white supremacists. That’s why they didn’t want him to have a virtual avatar. Crazy, right?

People can’t seem to understand that PewDiePie does not have any alt right views and neither do most of his fans. If that were true, I would be scared as hell since PewDiePie has 100 million subs on YouTube!

pewdiepie vtuber drama
In the past, PewDiePie was accused of being a white supremacist (Credit: @pewdiepie via Instagram)

“The more you push, the more I wanna be part of this!”

PewDiePie was very amused that people want to bully him out of this Vtuber thing. He also said that he only wanted to do this for a week or so, but since people got so upset about it, he thinks about doing it more often. Well, that plan backfired then!

To be honest, Pewds might have gone a bit too far with his response when he called his critics dumbasses and idiots. But the situation is truly laughable and people on Twitter were not too kind to him either. Still, he could have proven himself to be better by killing them with kindness instead of insulting them.

“It’s called epic trolling”

To summarize, PewDiePie once again managed to troll the whole Internet – even some of his fans. Even we didn’t know for sure how serious Pewds was with his new virtual persona! But since he's always been a big troll, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

PewDiePie stressed at the end of his video that anyone can become a Vtuber. It’s not an exclusive thing for a separated community! Anyone can enjoy this new trend, no need to be butt hurt about this. Let’s see how long Pewds will keep up with it.

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