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VR Reverse Face Reveal

PewDiePie Reveals his Virtual Avatar

PewDiePie gets into the VTuber game! (Credit: PewDiePie YouTube)

PewDiePie has returned to YouTube after a short hiatus: The OG memer gets back into the YouTube content game with a "reverse face reveal." Pewds showed off several versions of his virtual avatar, but the question is: was he memeing or does he actually plan to use one for more than a week?

In a recent LWHY video, he promised his fans a “reverse face reveal” and, after 20 minutes of memeing, he finally showed off a simple version of a virtual avatar.

PewDiePie Virtual Avatar
The first version of the virtual avatar. (Image Credit: PewDiePie YouTube)

However, this first version of the avatar did not appear in any recent content as of yet and in his very next video - ‘DNA Test’ - PewDiePie used a full-on VTuber anime avatar. Yup, that's right: a second version. Do you see where this is going? For this video, he used a dreamy high-school senpai!

PewDiePie Virtual Avatar
The 2nd version of PewDiePie's Virtual Avatar. (Image Credit: PewDiePie YouTube)

PewDiePie kept the meme going and gave us the third version of his virtual avatar in his most recent Minecraft video. This time it was more awkward, and it definitely felt different from his other videos. Perhaps PewPieDie was somehow less comfortable in this new anime skin. Honestly, who knows...but after a while, it did seem somewhat normal and more like classic PewDiePie.

PewDiePie Virtual Avatar
The 3rd version of PewDiePie's Virtual Avatar...okay, this is getting out of hand. (Image Credit: PewDiePie YouTube)

Vtubers are becoming more popular and big steamers like Pokimane have already dabbled in the virtual avatar space. Thus, it’s nothing groundbreaking at this point. PewDiePie is clearly experimenting with this and the massively successful content creator can pretty much do whatever he wants at this point. His fans are loyal and, in this case, they seemed to enjoy the VTuber version of PewDiePie.

Let us know what you think about VTubers on our Discord. Are they cool, annoying, creepy or just... whatever?

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