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Nickmercs quits Warzone tournaments

NICKMERCS is tired of this S**T!

NICKMERCS done with Warzone tournaments
Nobody likes a cheater and NICKMERCS is done with putting up with them. (Credit: NICKMERCS)

Hacking & cheating & gaming. An iconic trio. Add Call of Duty: Warzone to the mix and you have an iconic quartet... sadly. Pro players cheat during tournaments and streamers cheat during streams. NICKMERCS has been on the receiving end of all forms of cheating and he's done with it: No more Warzone tournaments.

Invisible players. Invincible players... ain't nobody got time for that. Least of all NICKMERCS. Nick Kolcheff - yeah, full name, hello SEO - recently claimed that he is done with Warzone tournaments. Why? They're full of f***ing cheaters. That's not a quote, but this is:

"Where's the honor?"

Yup. We ask us the same thing? Where's the honor? Just look at all these cheating or match-fixing instances in gaming:

That's just from the last couple of weeks and, as you can tell: This problem is not exclusive to Warzone. NICKMERCS puts it well, saying that this is the evolution of gaming. When there is money in play, people are gonna get real sweaty and desperate. You know what desperate people don't give a damn about? That's right: Honor.

“I told you guys, I told all of you, this is the natural evolution of these games, the same s**t happened in Fortnite.”

All in all, NICKMERCS is done with Warzone tournaments. He doesn't want to be a part of it anymore. Not without an extra incentive. We say: Fair enough. You can either be a part of the solution or a part of the problem and if you're not a part of the former, you're a part of the latter. That was deep right? Yeah, we do that sometimes.

Seriously though, it has to be considered that these tournaments are a form of income for people. They rely on that. Cheating in gaming is just as bad as doping in sports and it has to be taken seriously. NICKMERCS feels bad for the Warzone players that are actually genuine in the achievement of their accomplishments:

Shoutout to the ones who aren’t you know, I feel bad for Tommey and Aydan and those type of players.”
NICKMERCS shirtless
"1v1 me bro," a shirtless NICKMERCS when facing a cheater online. Yes, that's a fact. (Credit: NICKMERCS)

Your move, devs, and we're not just talking about Infinity Ward. We're not just talking about Activision and Treyarch. We are looking at all of you: Epic, Valve, Riot.... there is no room for cheaters and something needs to be done.

Remember that movie The Purge?

Do you also feel an idea forming?

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