Nicki Minaj Outs Herself As A Moron In Anti-Vax Tweets

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Nikki the anti-vaxer
And she ain't backing down! | © People Magazine

Nicki Minaj has outed herself as anti-vax with a couple of stupid tweets - this explains her absence at a few recent big events. As the world reacts, fans are debating whether to support the star or not. Here are the details.

The anti-vax community is spreading beyond backstreet forums. It's entered the mainstream thanks to celebs like Nicki. We should say - her opinion at this point would be best characterized as skeptical rather than outright denial. But her skepticism seems neither rational nor scientifically founded.

But Nicki isn't a trained physician so, to be honest, it's understandable that she might be a little confused on these points.

Nicki Minaj On The Vaccine - Impotency & Swollen Testicles

Nicki Minaj left the world In shock a few hours ago when she tweeted an ostensibly anti-vax, or at least vaccine-skeptical, message about her cousin in Trinidad:

As far as we can confirm the Covid-19 vaccine in Trinidad is like everywhere else in the world. That is to say, not going to be the cause of swollen testicles or impotence. You can see it being used as an excuse in a moment of panic though...

If you want some good news after all this mess, check this out:

The Met Gala And Mandatory Vaccination

Minaj later explained that it was because of the mandatory Covid 19 vaccinations that she chose not to attend the Met Gala recently:

This suddenly makes a lot of sense. It's a little more bizarre than the normal reasons a celebrity might miss such an event but fair enough, if that is her opinion then she has every right to it.

It does make her look like a bit of a moron though. And there are lots of young and easily influenced fans that might look to her opinion on the vaccination as well-grounded. Worse still, she legitimizes and normalizes more extreme anti-vaxers.

We'll keep you updated as the drama unfolds!

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