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Live Action Pokémon? Uh... yes, please!

Netflix Is Working on a Live Action Pokémon Series

Pokémon Netflix Live Action Show
If it looks anything other than that, I'll be disappointed. | © The Pokémon Company/Legendary Pictures/Netflix

Netflix is working on a live-action Pokémon series. I repeat: Netflix is actually working on a Detective Pikachu style live-action Pokémon series. For real. Should I repeat again? Netflix is worki—

The world used to stop for Beyoncé. Now it stops for Pokémon. Both have the French accent in their name, so it only makes sense. Now, both will have a Netflix original show: Netflix hired the executive producer of Lucifer for this bad boy, and we're ready. 

By the way: Pokémon Arceus, Pokémon Unite and now a Pokémon live-action Netflix show? Damn son. Talk about takeover.

What We Know About The Netflix Live Action Pokémon Series

  • The showrunner is the executive producer of Lucifer, Joe Henderson
  • The writers' room for the show is already assembled
  • Stylistically, the show will look like Detective Pikachu

Read that last bullet point once again and tell me nothing happened to your reproduction bits at the thought of realistic Pokémon.

Also, Joe Henderson isn't exactly known as family friendly. Are we gonna get some... edge in this one? Doubtful, since Pokémon should stay E for everyone. I'd love me some Charizard munching fools down to the bones, but... it'd be weird.

Netflix Pokémon Live Series Release Date

There's no word on a release date yet, but we do know that Joe Henderson is also working on a comic-book adaption for Netflix, called Shadecraft. With that in mind, it's gonna be a minute until we see this new live-action Pokémon show. If you ask me, as a former writer of bad television (yeah, touch me), it's usually a while from the assembling of a writer's room until release. My guess: They're writing until the end of the year, producing until mid 2022 and then doing post-production until the end of 2022. Thus: 2023 release date, folks... you heard it here first.

Netflix Pokémon Live Series: Story

No clue. Honestly... no idea, but... that's never stopped us from guessing before, so here's my take... you know, as a former writer: A young trainer stumbles into the world of Pokémon and has to choose one of three starter Pokémon – one is fire-based, one is water-based and the last is plant-based, because vegans have to get in on everything... 

You ever wonder if vegans play through Pokémon with plant-based Pokémon only? Just a thought.

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