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MrBeast shoots for the moon

MrBeast Wants Your Photo on the Moon, Literally!

MrBeast Moon Capsule
Yes, that's right, you can send yourself to the moon. (Credit: MrBeast)

Once again, MrBeast goes big and actually delivers on his crazy idea to send something to the moon. So, it should be no surprise that he has bought space on a literal NASA moon rover and wants to send your photo or short video to the moon. Someone stop this man he is INSANE!

For $10, MrBeast will send any picture or 1-second video you want to the moon. SpaceEx and Elon Musk better watch out because MrBeast is not the only one to try to monetize the great beyond!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, MrBeast has made it pretty simple. All you need to do is purchase one of these three bundles.

MrBeast Moon Bundle
A choice between 3 different moon capsule bundles (Credit: MrBeast).

Lunar Capsule Bundle Prices:

  • 1 Picture or a 1-second video to the moon - $10
  • 1 Picture or a 1-second video to the moon + Exclusive T-Shirt - $42
  • 1 Picture or a 1-second video to the moon + Exclusive Hoodie - $69

How Does This Actually Work?

send it to the moon MrBeast
Upload the photo and send it to the moon, it's so simple (Credit: MrBeast)

MrBeast has purchased a compartment inside of a NASA moon rover for a hard drive that will contain your digital photo or video. The moon rover is set to launch in late February or early March of this year. No official date has been confirmed, but MrBeast has set up a countdown on the promo’s website.

So, in 100 years, when the Earth is a barren wasteland due to our inability to act on climate change... you can rest assured that the photo you sent to the moon is safely orbiting the Earth.

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