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Are MrBeast and Dream about to break the internet?

MrBeast and Dream Working on Huge Secret Project!

MrBeast and Dream Working on Collaboration Project
If Dream and MrBeast are getting together, you know it's gonna be good. (Credit: Dream)

MrBeast claims that he and Dream are working on a huge collaboration project. What could it be, what could it be? Knowing MrBeast it's going to be something absurd.

If this is a music video, y'all... I'll riot. If MrBeast announces that he's working on something huge – MrBeast, the guy that eats huge for breakfast (ok, that came out wrong) – then it better be something out of this world:

What Is the MrBeast & Dream Collaboration About?

What is MrBeast teasing with this mysterious tweet that is straight out of a rapper's playbook? What are MrBeast and Dream working on? Will they travel to Mars? Buy a country? Declare themselves emperors? Start an OnlyFans account? Again, if this is some stupid music video, then I'm not having it.

We've got a super-rich philanthropist in MrBeast and a Minecraft gamer in Dream. What could it be, what could it be? Is MrBeast going to finance a real-life Minecraft theme park that Dream participates in? Did MrBeast realize the perfect virtual reality? Did he figure out the Dragonball fusion and him and Dream are going to fuse?

Again: This better not be a music video. Also, this better not be a Minecraft charity event. Though... you can't really say anything against a charity event, but still... this better be something insanely creative. If you're gonna say "I don't think people are ready for what we're dropping" then you better drop something massive (you thought of that toilet-humor reference, not me). Guess we'll find out at the end of the month, when the project between MrBeast and Dream will be revealed.

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