MrBeast Turned Dream into a Burger! | EarlyGame
Dream is an actual burger now

MrBeast Created the Dream Burger!

MrBeast's Dream Burger
This is exactly how the Dream Burger looks in real life. (Credit: MrBeast)

Have you ordered a Dream Burger yet? No? What are you waiting for?! It's not JUST a Dream Burger, it's THE Dream Burger, as in the uber-popular Minecraft streamer Dream, whose collaboration with MrBeast resulted in a motherloving burger.

What is your dream burger? It doesn't matter what it is anymore because the name has been taken! MrBeast's latest crazy idea is making all junk food lovers rejoice at the sight of his restaurant chain's newest entry.

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MrBeast Burger Restaurants Introduce: The Dream Burger

Full disclosure: the actual Dream is not part of the meal. His own burger does nail his trademark green color though.

Avocado is not the only thing you're going to find in the Dream Burger. It also comes with two beef patties, bacon and pickles. A simple, easy-going and tasty-looking son of a bitch.

Fans of the Minecraft content creator and regular burger-lovers can snatch one of these babies immediately from any of the 600 MrBeast Burger restaurants across the USA.

This is up there on the list of collaborations we did not see coming, but man oh man, do we hope that every colab between internet people results in a burger! Here's to hoping MrBeast and Dream have just set a trend. Waiting for that xQc burger with extra salt.

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