Fans Report the MrBeast Dream Burger is a "Scam" | EarlyGame
We're not putting that in our mouths!

MrBeast's Dream Burger Looks Like Dog Food...

MrBeast Dream Burger
The MrBeast Dream burger isn't that dreamy after all. (Credit: MrBeast)

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson's restaurant business is reportedly going well, but his mainstream collaboration with Minecraft streamer Dream on the eponymous MrBeast Dream burger hasn't turned out so peachy. Photographs of the MrBeast Dream Burger show more resemblance to dog food than anything a human would put in his mouth.

MrBeast knows how to do business. At 23-years-old, the guy is one of the most popular YouTubers ever, and even has his own fast food restaurant chain, MrBeast Burgers, with a whopping 600 locations across the USA and Europe. His latest food project, the MrBeast Dream Burger, has turned out to be a tad disappointing, though.

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Is the MrBeast Dream Burger a Scam?

We won't go as far as calling the MrBeast Dream Burger a scam, but it is certainly fishy. Everyone is bound to make a mistake now and again, but you ought not do it when everyone's looking... or taking pictures. MrBeast failed on that front, as the much advertised MrBeast Dream Burger is not looking very good at all! Take a look at these photos... gross!

We're not gonna lie, these pictures makes us wish that eating the MrBeast Dream Burger was an actual dream! That meat is insanely raw, and looks like bloody dog food! Dream has reportedly responded to the trending photos, and claims that they do not accurately represent the MrBeast Dream Burger.

Well, Jimmy Donaldson and MrDream may not be making the food themselves, but it's MrBeast's Burger joint, so some quality control wouldn't hurt. Let's hope no one gets food poisoning by then...

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