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Crazy or not?

Mr. Beast Wants His Own League of Legends Team

mr beast league of legends
Once crazy idea follows another. (Credit: Mr. Beast)

Mr. Beast is widely known for his crazy ideas. Now one of them leads him right into the heart of esports: Mr Beast wants his own League of Legions team! And not just for fun, his "Beast Gaming" team will of course be part of the LCS.

The internet personality Mr. Beast is no stranger to crazy plans that cost huge amounts of money. In a recent article, we told you about his plans to shoot you to the moon. However, this one is a little bit different since his plan directly involves the esports industry. Under the name of "Beast Gaming", Mr. Beast wants to form his very own competetive League of Legends team.

Sounds crazy, am I right? If you think about it, it is entirely possible. I mean, even YouPorn has its own esports team, and they're doing fine! All you need is money and the right mindset. A well known name like Mr Beast should also help.

Claiming that Mr. Beast's League of Legends team will make it to the LCS is still a very bold statement. Honestly, it's kinda delusional. Who am I to judge though, maybe he'll be a big name in esports as well (can't say that with a straight face, sorry).

mr beast burger
Mr. Beast even has his own burger chain. What's next? (Credit: Mr. Beast)

After all, Mr. Beast is not a single person anymore. Mr. Beast became a full-grown brand over the last years, very well proven by one of his latest stunts where he opened his own burger chain.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure how long this whole Mr. Beast hype will continue. According to him, he won't have time to properly start forming his own LoL team until 2023. Until then, he might as well get canceled for something dumb and reckless. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time.

What do you think, is Mr. Beast out of his mind? Or would his League of Legends team actually stand a chance? Drop us a line on Discord!


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