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The mystery uncovered

Are Lana Rhoades & Mike Majlak Having a Baby?

Is Lana Rhoades Pregnant with Mike Majlak's baby?
Lana Rhoades is pregnant. Is Mike Majlak the father? | © Mike Majlak, Lana Rhoades

Mike Majlak might have set himself up for a memorable story to tell his kids, whose mother could end up being a former pornographic actress. His ex-girlfriend and ex-pornstar Lana Rhoades, is pregnant, but it is not sure if Mike is the father. 

How Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades ended up as a couple is a wild story in and of itself, but we gotta focus on the story of today and that is: Lana is pregnant! 

Is Mike Majlak the Father of Lana Rhoades' Child?

Mike doesn't know, Lana doesn't tell. There are certainly rumors and a ton of guess work. Majlak joked about it on Twitter, but probably doesn't have facts either. Is he sweating bullets deep down? Excited at the possibility of becoming a dad? Who knows... 

The case is particularly interesting because Lana and Mike split a few months back: The couple called it quits in February and a child four months after the fact is probably not an ideal situation. 

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Mike Majlak planted the roots of his potential involvements with the upcoming baby himself when he claimed he still keeps in touch with Lana Rhoades. We can't know if their official breakup from February is the final date on which they might have ordered the baby from Amazon.

If Mike's and Lana's last love session took place in April though, we can safely assume he is not the dad: The ultrasound picture that Lana shared on social media states that the baby is due in January 2022. Quick maths.

Our bet? Mike Majlak is the daddy after all. We doubt he'd take such news so light-hearted instead of simply clearing his name. We might just hear about the couple getting back together in the coming days. Wouldn't be the first time for that either.

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